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Please see general services we offer below


Preview Wedding Collection

Choose your dream dress from our hand selected dresses. You can preview on up to six wedding dresses. Appointments are 60 min to 80 min, depending on which appointment you choose.
Refreshments are provided for each appointment. The cost of the appointment will be applied to the purchase of your dress, valid for the day of appointment.


Wedding Dress Alteration

Get your wedding dress fitted, for an unforgettable event. 
Basic requirements for the service is  bring dress and all accessories that will be worn during your event. We provide Rush alteration services for those who need it


Alteration Consultation

Alteration consultation is for pricing and consultation only. this service is for consultation for possible alterations needed and cost that will be associated. the quotes provided during the consultation are valid for six months. If you are looking to alter your garment and not only consult, please schedule the Wedding Dress Alteration appointment

Online Booking

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